Our Story

One universally accepted principle has always held true: outstanding wine is produced from outstanding grapes.  This basic, time-tested truth motivated vintner George M. Prince to search long and hard for the absolute best land, rich in geological history.  Therefore, it was no surprise that ultra-fertile soil, unique topography, and a perfect growing climate beckoned George to this place, this terroir, known as Prince Vineyards.

Passion for farming came to George at the very young age of 13 while being raised on a family-owned cattle ranch in Central California.  Here, he learned the fundamental principles of growing and harvesting alfalfa and other robust perennial crops.  It was not uncommon to see George rounding up 200 head of cattle by horseback,  irrigating a 60-acre field of Sudan Grass, or even driving a John Deere® tractor at the break of dawn. The clean, crisp, country air and long workdays frequently reminded George that bigger things would come.

It was 42 years ago that George first saddled up his bay mare to work with other cowboys and well-trained cow dogs, focused on one mission. Four decades later, nothing has really changed.  You see, all shared a common goal then, just like now.  The only difference today is that the Prince Vineyards team is comprised of vineyard managers, winemakers, bottling, and cork vendors versus ranch hands, cowboys, cow dogs, and hay balers.  Today–and every day–our mission is to produce the most coveted Cabernet Sauvignon that Napa Valley has to offer – a varietal that embodies richness, balance, and elegant complexity.