Mountain Side Fruit

Prince Vineyards “Estate Grown” Cabernet Sauvignon is produced in one of the most acclaimed soil and growing climates in Napa Valley.  The vineyard is located within St. Helena’s narrowest section, approximately 300 feet above the valley floor.  It is here, in the foothills of Spring Mountain, that hot days and cool nights allow the vines to thrive.  The steep easterly facing hillside, treasured aquifer-sourced well water, and mineral intense soil add rich complexity and structure to our wine.  An additional contribution is the “Aiken series” soil composition.  It consists of very deep, well-drained loam and clay loam formed from millions of years of volcanic rock weathering. It is not uncommon for one to step over obsidian, andesite, and pyroclastic rock when walking the vineyard.  Additionally, the steep terrain can be very challenging for the vineyard management team as well as for the vines themselves.  The vines are stressed from the mid-morning sun and their root structure competes with unweathered bedrock, which is found approximately 44 to 54 inches below the surface.  It’s this perfect balance of struggle that directs the energy to the grapes versus the canopy. We, therefore, make sure all vines have just enough foliage to photosynthesize and provide protection from the sun. Ultimately, the sum total of these favorable elements produces a wine that is elegant, rich, and well balanced.

Valley Floor Fruit

Valley floor fruit is quite different from mountainside fruit for a variety of reasons.  Valley floor fruit experiences different sun exposure, water, and nutrient access.  Our Calistoga vineyard showcases and celebrates these notable differences, based upon its inherent geographic importance.  Located just between the Napa River and Cyrus Creek, our vines have thrived from centuries of accumulated gravelly well-drained alluvial soil, producing wine that is distinct and full-bodied. Our South St. Helena vineyard boasts an amazing terroir as well.  The soil has been transported down from the Mayacamas Mountains, through constant erosion, thus creating a fertile, level growing terrain. This advantageous growing environment allows our vineyard management and winemaking team to exercise their God-given talents to produce some of Prince Vineyards’ finest wine.